TRIBE 9-13

The new automatic, adjustable Tribe

29 April 2021

Comfortable, automatic and with adjustable darkening: these features make Tribe 9-13 even more interesting. Tribe 9-13 is renewed with a new model designed for private users seeking a complete mask. 

The LCD liquid crystal filter automatically darkens on striking the welding arc and quickly returns to its transparent status when the arc is switched off; eliminating the need to lift and lower the helmet on each work break and thereby allowing the operator to work with hands free.

Adjustment of the mask darkening level increases flexibility of use with different processes and currents.

The exterior positioning of the darkening level selector allows the operator to alter darkening without having to stop work, ensuring greater efficiency and quality of the results.

With Tribe 9-13, protected and completely safe grinding operations can be carried out, selecting the “GRIND” function (for grinding mode) which blocks darkening of the mask glass.

Automatic mask with variable shading (DIN 4/9÷13)


external shading adjustment 4/ 9÷13 DIN


TIG welding > 5 A


optical class: 1/2/1/2


viewing area 92X42mm


grinding mode (external selection)


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