17 October 2022

From Telwin an innovative traction tower with compressed air operation: international patent for a "smart repair" solution that frees professionals from the risks and limitations of traditional systems.

Simplifying the work in the body shop and improving its efficiency: this is the primary objective of Telwin, which has always been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge solutions in the world of repair. Today the Italian company is celebrating another important milestone, a new international patent that enriches the range of its solutions. In fact, it has acquired the international patent, already registered in many countries, for the technology implemented in T-Raction 250, an innovative traction tower operating with compressed air with the Venturi effect. 


The patent was born from the ingenuity of José Penarubia, a Valencian autobody repairman, and the agreement was signed during his visit to the Telwin headquarters: Penarubia, as specialist, knows well the needs, and the meeting was the occasion for a pleasant moment of analysis and exchange of views with the Telwin team on the repair market in Europe. 



T-Raction 250 is a rapid system for straightening external sheet metal, unique of its kind. Its operating principle is in fact based on the suction effect, developed through the use of compressed air, which ensures perfect adhesion to the floor without the need for additional support or fixing points. The manual hoist system is adjustable in height and allows you to pull and straighten thin sheets, in steel and aluminum, up to 250 kg through the use of slotted washers or glue systems.

T-Raction 250 is therefore a tool that ensures versatility and speed in repair operations, considerably reducing processing times in the body shop. This device is fully part of Telwin's offer dedicated to Smart Repair, which is gaining more and more strength and importance also thanks to the international success of Battery Puller, another unique "Made in Telwin" product, patented worldwide. Like Battery Puller, T-Raction 250 also frees the body builder from the constraints (in terms of space, power supply or support points in general) that traditionally marked the routine in the workshop. Telwin, with this new International Patent, once again guarantees a leading role in bringing the benefits of technological innovation to the world of repair professionals.