The compact, safe and easy-to-use battery charger and maintener

7 November 2016

T-Charge is the new series of automatic, multifunction, 6V/12V battery chargers; they are ultra compact, safe and reliable devices for the professional and domestic use.
Small and easy to handle, simple and versatile, they are the necessary tools for interventions on any type of vehicle, whether light or heavy, even in the most extreme weather conditions.
The PULSE TRONIC system, for the automatic charge and maintenance and the advanced maintenance function, which allows the recovery of sulfated batteries, allow this T-Charge range to give the best results as regards efficiency, durability and safety..

Many functions to grant always the right solution:

• 3 charge voltages: 6V - 12V/1A - 12V/4A
• Immediate visualization of the charge level
• Dedicated AGM/COLD programs
• Recovery Function



8 phases for the best charge of all batteries  





  Automatic charging and maintenance in Pulse Tronic, for all kinds of batteries, EFBs included. 





Unlimited efficiency and reliability
Special function to charge AGM batteries.






Best performance even below zero
Battery charging and maintenance, perfect for low temperatures.






New life to old batteries
Pulse process to recover sulfated batteries.