The multifunction battery charger

31 August 2016


Easy to use, performing, technological: these three concepts perfectly characterise Pulse, the multi-function automatic professional battery charger by Telwin, the result of new and advanced engineering solutions for the Automotive sector.

The innovative PowerStream inverter technology, which is made in Telwin, guarantees up to 50% better performance than traditional battery chargers, thanks to more effective and complete control of the charging process, notably faster charging times and maintenance of the optimal battery conditions, all of which guarantee a longer working life.

Specifically for automatically charging and maintaining 6/12/24V WET, GEL, AGM: SPIRAL, MF, PbCa, START/STOP type batteries, even if very low in power, this is a very useful tool in workshops, garages and body shops.

PulseTronic technology, which controls the automatic battery charge/maintenance process, diagnoses the battery state at any time, and effectively restores the best operating efficiency, thanks to the presence of specific utilities that are divided into 8 different phases.

It is very easy to use as it automatically recognises the battery type and capacity with no complicated settings. This makes it tempting as a replacement for traditional battery chargers, also because it integrates advanced maintenance functions such as the recovery of sulphated batteries.

Design, ergonomics and reduced weight combine with easy use and performance in a concentrate of technology that is also characterised by very low power consumption.


  • automatic selection of current, during charge and maintenance, according to the battery capacity
  • pulse maintenance of optimal charge by PULSE TRONIC technology
  • continuous control of charging phases
  • quick battery charge and automatic switching into maintenance phase once charging is completed




  • pulse process for the recovery of sulphated batteries that allows the removal of sulphate from the lead plates thus recovering the initial capacity of the battery




  • start aid for 12V vehicles with low batteries (Mod. 50)




  • in case of black-outs it adjusts itself to the last performed settings
  • full safety and protection against polarity reversal, short-circuits, overvoltages, overcurrent, faulty battery, accidental contacts, etc.
  • minimal power consumption
  • charge of very low batteries up to min. 2V


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