New Tecnica range

Even more tailor-made for professionals

6 April 2023

Telwin presents the new Tecnica range: compact and versatile, direct current (DC) inverter electrode and TIG welders with scratch striking, ideal for professionals who need to carry out installation and maintenance work.

Discover the first available model in the range, the Tecnica 211/S welding machine.


IconaEcodesignDesigned according to Ecodesign principles for greater efficiency and reduced consumption, they are designed to be transported and used in the most diverse working environments, both indoors and outdoors.



They can be used with a wide variety of electrodes (rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.) and the arc-force and hot start devices are an additional guarantee for quality results.


Their  structure is:

  • robust, with resistant, recyclable plastics and reinforced feet that absorb shocks
  • raised against dust, moisture and dirt.SchemaAcqua









The digital display allows the set welding current to be viewed in any lighting condition, guaranteeing greater precision and quality in processing.







The high stability of the welding current despite mains voltage fluctuations, allows their use with motorgenerators.

Various protection devices, such as against short-circuit (anti-stick protection) and overload (thermal protection), make them particularly safe in use; they also signal the presence of incorrect supply voltages beyond the tolerance of 230V +/- 15%.