Maxima 230 Synergic

the multiprocess versatility!

9 March 2018

Maxima 230 Synergic is the multiprocess inverter welding machine that can meet the countless demands on the various Braze-welded and welded materials.

Optimal power and performance make it the ideal tool for semi-professional use from small metal works to intervention in bodyshops.


  • Easy synergic adjustment
  • Welding on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Metal Sheets
  • Fit for GAS welding
  • Wire coil 15 kg max
  • Fit for MMA and TIG-LIFT welding
  • Inverter technology for best welding quality
  • Operation with motorgenerators (Vin ±15%)

 Maxima 230 combines high intuitive use with excellent results.



The synergic adjustment guides the operator in setting the welding parameters by reducing setting times and optimizing working times: once the material and the gas to be used are chosen, just set the thickness and start welding




Maxima230_4Ideal for MIG-MAG (GAS) welding grants best results on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized metal sheets. 

The various weldable materials confirm MAXIMA 230 as an optimal solution for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from maintenance to installation, both indoor and outdoor, to the bodywork.




BOBINA15KG_300Wire coil housing: 15 kg max  





Fit with proper accessories, Maxima 230 can perform  MMA electrode welding (rutile electrodes Ø 1,6÷3,2mm); 


For particular applications it is also possible to use Maxima 230 Synergic for TIG welding.



It can be easily carried thanks to the wheels and the gas bottle holder, thus granting full operativity in any intervention place and working condition.

Maxima 230 Synergic completes the offer of inverter range welders of the Elements line



What are you waiting for? start welding with Maxima 230 Synergic!