More productivity and more efficiency with the MT25 Control torch

22 January 2021

Quality and efficiency: these are the main objectives of professional welding, and having everything under control is fundamental to achieving them. The MT25 Control torch was designed for this purpose: a high quality tool that guarantees continuous work combined with the best performance.

Interruptions in fact weaken productivity and can have a negative impact on the end result of the work. MT25 Control allows you to avoid all of this, with the convenience of having everything “at hand”. Saving time, but also better results: the welding bath is homogeneous and potentially free of impurities which can generate after switching the welding arc on and off.

mt25Among the MIG torches range, Telwin presents the new MT25 Control torch (code 742777),which is compatible with Technomig 240 Wave, Technomig 243 Wave, Electromig 230 and 330 Wave welding machines.

MT25 Control offers the possibility of adjusting current directly from the torch during welding to regulate power during processing. The buttons positioned directly on the handle guarantee rapid and immediate adjustment, without having to move away from the workstation.

Ergonomics and balanced weight contribute to ensuring smooth, lean work with MT25 Control for higher quality results even when welding in difficult positions or for prolonged periods of time.

The high level of safe use is ensured by the presence of a torch button safety device to avoid its involuntary switch on.