MAXIMA 160 - 190

Only one adjustment to start welding: with Maxima you can!

25 November 2016

MAXIMA 160 and 190 are the new, intelligent, easy to use, inverter wire welding machines with synergic control.
Just set the material and the gas and start welding! The MAXIMA models are fit for NO GAS/FLUX welding, but with a simple change of polarity they can be transformed into GAS/MIG-MAG welding machines for operation on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Galvanized sheets.


  • Easy synergic adjustment
  • Welding on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized sheets
  • Immediate polarity reversal for GAS/NO GAS welding
  • Inverter technology for best welding quality
  • Operation with motorgenerators (VIN±15%)

Extremely compact and lightweight, they offer great flexibility of use.

The various weldable materials confirm MAXIMA as an optimal solution to be used in a wide variety of application fields, from maintenance to installation works, in any intervention place, both inside and outside, up to the body shops.

Arc stability together with the electronic (inverter) control guarantee ease of use and amazing results even for the less experienced operator.

What are you waiting for? Starts to weld with Maxima!


Like all products of the Elements range, also the Maxima models come with colorful and eye-catching packaging, rich in information and easy to read.   



Elements is the new range of welding machines and battery chargers/starters created by Telwin for DIY experts, the more demanding bricoleurs and professionals searching for simple products that are user-friendly, safe and top quality.

Elements that make up a varied and comprehensive line, providing a solution to every possible need: MMA and MIG-MAG welding machines using traditional technology and inverters; battery chargers and starters for all vehicle types.

Elements whose uniqueness is guaranteed by the TELWIN trademark, for over 50 years the world leader in the welding, plasma cutting, charging and starter industries.
Welding a gate, constructing a work bench, doing maintenance on the canopy roof of one's home, starting a work van, maintaining battery charge on motorcycles in winter: there are no limits to the Elements range!