Infinity 172: MMA dual voltage inverter

The success of the range of Infinity electrode inverter welding machines continues with the introduction of a new dual voltage model.

2 April 2019

Infinity 172 is a 150A MMA inverter welding machine that recognises the mains voltage in plug&play and automatically sets to 230V or 115V.



Similar to the other models in the Infinity range, Infinity 172 was designed for users requiring a ready to use machine that is easy to use and comfortable to carry indoors and outdoors and can be used with a wide range of electrode types (rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.). Versatile to use for various applications from maintenance or installation operations or light structural work on various types of materials. 



It can also be used for scratch TIG DC welding thanks to the optional TIG kit. 




Powerful, compact and reduced weight, the inverter welding machines from the Infinity range can be used with engine driven generators, thereby guaranteeing correct and constant operation of the machine for power supply voltage variations up to +/-15%.

Implementation of hot start and arc force devices in MMA facilitate the welding process and ensure a more precise result and an extremely clean seam, while the anti-stick protection intervenes where the electrode suddenly gets stuck to the material to weld. By doing so, with the Infinity inverter welding machines, work is extremely easy and safe.

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