Unlimited welding

2 February 2017

A complete range of inverter and electrode welding machines always ready for use, simple to use, practical to transport: efficient allies for work done well on various types of materials, for maintenance, installation and light frameworks.

 Interno_gamma Infinity

A choice among 5 welding machines from 80 to 200 A designed for a wide range of applications with rutile, basic, stainless steel and cast iron electrodes.


Intuitive adjustment, excellent results! 

• All the models of the Infinity range can be used with engine driven generators ensuring correct operation for power supply voltage variations up to +/-15%.

• The hot start and arc force devices in MMA facilitate the welding process and guarantee a more precise result and an extremely clean seam, while the anti-stick protection intervenes where the electrode suddenly gets stuck to the material to weld, avoiding damage to the electrode and your work.





The Infinity 170, 180 and 220 models offer double versatility: they also enable welding thin surfaces in TIG (scratch striking) with continuous current using the TIG kit (code 801097).





Compact, light and practical to transport, they are robust and suitable for use even outdoors.

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