Electromig Wave

also available in BASE versions

21 April 2021

Advanced technology guaranteeing optimal machining quality and efficiency: Electromig 330 and 430 Wave, are sophisticated multiprocess wire inverter welding machines (MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING; MMA and TIG DC-Lift) with intuitive and flexible use in various sectors, from industry to heavy structural work.

BASE versions

To meet the various operating needs of professionals, Telwin proposes Electromig 330 and 430 Wave, as well as the air and liquid cooled version (Aqua version), also in the BASE version that allows the client to configure the product according to personal needs. In fact, the BASE version comes with a generator and cable with earth clamp, giving absolute freedom to choose the type and length of the torch (3, 4, 5 m). A means of increasingly aiding welding professionals and their needs.

Wave OS intelligence


The advantage of the Electromig Wave is Wave OS intelligence, the operating system that simplifies use of the product making human-machine interaction immediate and direct. The operator can customise the work environment based on personal preferences, creating welding programs to meet specific needs or use multiple, preset advanced programs. Furthermore, the TFT colour display is a simple and user-friendly interface for all operating situations.

Electromig Wave technology can be incorporated in multiple advanced welding programs designed for specific needs.

ABPULSEABPOPAB Pulse and AB Pop, for pulsed and double pulsed applications on aluminium and galvanised sheet metal. It uses waveforms optimised for welding of materials which are particularly sensitive to heat input, guaranteeing excellent results, from both a functional and aesthetic viewpoint, comparable to those achieved by TIG welding.


ROOT MIG, facilities welding of joints distant from one another. The program offers an alternative solution to the first pass in TIG, allowing controlled welding and with a greater execution speed, ensuring double productivity and greater savings in operating costs.


ATC technology to weld extremely fine thicknesses and materials highly sensitive to deformations caused by high temperatures during welding. In fact, its use allows excellent welding to be obtained also on particularly fine thicknesses thanks to advanced arc control.

Monitor work quality

usbElectromig Wave allows you to record and save the various work sessions via the USB port for subsequent data analysis and processing.