There's a doctor even for starting!

12 July 2017


The Telwin professional starters range is enhanced by the new Doctor Start 330 and 630.



 The Doctor Start range has surprisingly multiple functions:


12/24 V starters for all types of cars, vans, light goods vehicles, the Doctor Start models hide a highly technological core behind their strong and powerful appearance.


They are electronic battery chargers with Pulse Tronic technology for charging and automatic maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, PbCa and EFB 12/24 V batteries.


They maintain a healthy battery using two important recovery functions: desulphation and equalisation to regenerate and recover batteries in less than optimal conditions.


Intelligent testers identify the criticalities of the battery to quickly solve the problem.
They test:

  • the alternator circuit of the vehicle,
  • the starting capacity
  • and the battery charging level status.


Not forgetting they become a reliable source of stable power supply during battery changes to protect the electronics on the vehicle.


Thanks to the LCD display, access to all the Doctor Start functions is intuitive and fast, allowing constant monitoring of the various ongoing processes.







Go to the technical sheet DOCTOR START 330

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