AIR PRO Grandview

new, professional helmet with powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR)

11 March 2021

The new welding mask with air purifying respirator (PAPR), AIR PRO Grandview by Telwin, offers dual professional protection both at visual level and against welding fumes and dust generated during welding, gouging and grinding operations thanks to the TH3 filter.



mig_tig_mmaAIR PRO Grandview is an automatic helmet for MMA, MIG-MAG and TIG (>5 A)  welding with dual scale of darkening adjustment (DIN 4/4 ÷ 8/9÷13).

In addition to adjusting the sensitivity of the filter according to the welding process, there is also an adjustment of the delay time for switching from the dark to the light state after the arc has been interrupted, depending on the brightness of the workpiece.


The welding filter lifts and lowers according to operating needs, guaranteeing protection also during gouging or grinding operations.

804236_area_visioneThe ample viewing area ensures comfort and safety even in more challenging welding operations.


The respirator, thanks to the integrated filter, (TH3) ensures high quality air inside the helmet. The TH3 filter in fact guarantees a filtration capacity of 99.8%.



The user can adjust the speed of the airflow by choosing between 2 speed rates (180 l/min and 220 l/min) according to the process and the environment.



The respirator is powered by a lithium battery which guarantees its operation for 9/10 hours and can be easily charged and replaced.

The battery charge status, signalled by specific leds, is always directly visible on the front of the respirator to monitor its progress.

allarmeAn acoustic and visual alarm signals to the operator both the battery is almost flat and obstruction of the helmet filter.

cinturaThe respirator is supplied with an ergonomic belt that ensures correct weight distribution, allowing unlimited movements.


AIR PRO Grandview is supplied in a practical bag for carrying or storage it after each use, and comes as well with numerous accessories.