Total Quality

Our Quality is your Safety Assurance

Telwin means quality for the user, a guarantee for safety and reliability,  and quality for those who propose our products, a guarantee for technology, behaviour and service that wins more and more customers. Quality: as the beginning and the end. As a global commitment.

Quality is the driving force and target of every action of the Telwin industrial system, from the smallest daily gesture to the most complex of enterprise strategies and this makes the difference between «quality» and «Telwin quality»: the fact of representing a culture, a way of being and behaving at all levels, from the corporate system in its totality, to painstaking attention to safety and commitment to environmental protection. A quality, in short, intended primarily as will and not as duty.

Certifications of a reality
ISO:9001 for quality, ISO 45001 for safety and ISO 14001 for environment.
The path towards certification, for Telwin, was and is the recognition of a choice, a style developed within a culture consisting not only of excellent products, high-level operative and organisational processes, but also, above all, of authentic and shared convictions, made personal because everyone at Telwin considers him/herself to be an integral part of a winning team.

Certified excellence
Ever since its establishment, Telwin’s aim was to assure its clients the very best in terms of quality, reliability and safety. In this context - one of the first companies to do so, and not just in its sector – securing all the most important product and processes certifications, even managing to anticipate the relevant standards. Each product carries an extra important guarantee: the TELWIN brand. This is confirmed by the CE marking, in compliance with the EN-harmonised technical standards, UL and the certifications of the most important International Certifying Bodies, such as TÜV, GOST, CSA, NF, FIMKO, and many others.
Telwin contributes to the safety against EMF electromagnetic fields, because it ensures the compliance of all its products to the relative technical standards. That is, those standards, which are of useful reference for the assessment, by the personnel in charge, to the compliance with the 2013/35/EU Directive about the safety in the workplace as for the exposure to electromagnetic fields. This is proved by the EMF certificate which is available for each product.