The Home of Welding

Spreading over 120 thousand square metres, “The Home of Welding" is acknowledged, worldwide, as an industrial pole of absolute excellence in the sector, the very heart of all company activities that make Telwin a name well-known throughout the world.

“The Home of Welding” is synonymous with efficiency, know-how, professionalism and excellence; it is an organised enterprise where everything moves in absolute synchronism and where every aspect is perfectly integrated.

It is Research & Development as well as a thrust towards Innovation, where a team of researchers and designers is involved on a daily basis in transferring the most advanced technologies and design solutions to the products, aiming at improving performance, reliability and functionality.

It is progressive Production and Automation, where advanced robotic stations, flexible integrated productive systems, specialised assembly lines, distributed inspection and testing areas confirm the strength of this industrial reality which, for productive capacity, has no equal on the market.

It is Training and Information, where the Telwin Training Lab, the training school, is an indispensable support to clients. This is where they can learn, discuss and test funtions and operations of the products, obtaining invaluable help in understanding the great potential of the most extensive and exhaustive range of products in the market.

It is Logistics integrated with Information Technology, where the extensive spaces occupied by imposing automatic stores and the effective computerised procedures guarantee a precise, speedy and efficient process of the orders.

It stands for harmony with the territory: not a mere workplace, but a centre of social aggregation that assures well-being and growth for individuals, their families and the community.

It is a brilliant example of modern industrial architecture, frequently mentioned for its innovative stylistic and structural characteristics, a perfect combination of the very best as far as technology and quality of life in a work environment is concerned.

And, finally, it is a bridge between what is “Made in Italy” and the world: it is here that ideas become reality, turning into design, technology and development. And in new ideas for tomorrow.