The art of welding

The art of welding is a professionalism that requires passion, innovation, quality, talent, and, above all, dedication and care for the detail.                                                               

Everything in the world gets welded in some way: from the smallest accessory to the most towering of skyscrapers, to the transatlantic liner, to oil pipelines. Nothing that is part of our daily life, be it minute or gigantic, could in fact be manufactured, used, stored or repaired without resorting to one welding process or another; in other words, without that “technological miracle” which enables two or more metals to be indissolubly bound together: the key protagonists are steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, titanium, metal alloys and galvanised surfaces.

Welding is the solution wherever performance par excellence needs to be guaranteed, even under the most demanding environmental and usage conditions.

  • it is right there, where safety is of vital importance, in the manufacturing of means of transport, from the bicycle to the battleship, from cars to high-speed trains;
  • it is where durability must be total, as in civil and industrial constructions, custodian of our dwellings, our working and our very lives;
  • it is where the challenge reaches its limits, where corrosion is relentless, where fire and ice must never win, as in the massive plants involved in the extraction, production, transportation and distribution of energy, from the sun to nuclear power, in the chemical industry, heavy industry and in iron and steel metallurgy.

But welding is also an ally able to adapt to the simplest of our needs, not for this any less important – as in the great do-it-yourself world – or to become more adaptable to all the needs of plant engineering and maintenance in every civil and professional field.

Where welding is to be done, Telwin will be found, with a range of products which, for extent and typology fears no comparison on the market. Technological solutions that are functional, reliable and safe; with a quality that is certified by the most important international certifying body in the sector.

In every aspect, Telwin is able to guarantee the best response.