Repair training


Trainings tailored to staff skilled in the technical service and assistance of Telwin products. The seminars provide different levels of training depending on the type of products analyzed and the complexity of the topics covered.
The Repair trainings allow persons to acquire the basic knowledge and/or specific knowledge on the identification and evaluation of any trouble and the consequent remedy to perform. The person is supported by modern diagnostic equipments and a complete documentation set.

  • Inverter repair course - basic (1 day). The course aims to introduce the theoretical and practical basis for the repair of inverter products. There will be presented the basic electrical concepts for reading electrical diagrams and using the equipments necessary for the diagnosis and repair. Electronic cardboards will be analyzed, in which to identify the basic components of electronic inverter circuits.

  • Inverter repair course - advanced (1 day). The course aims to analyze in detail the electrical operation of professional and industrial inverter products so that the participant becomes aware of what is required to perform a correct troubleshooting. The fundamental tests, as foreseen in the 60974-4 Standard, will also be introduced as well as the calibration modes of the products and the analysis of the parts necessary for the correct repair.

  • Professional repair course - basic (2 days). With a complete overview of Telwin electromechanical products and their components, the participant will become familiar with the electrical and mechanical controls of the various products. Besides the repair tests, there will be taught also the basic welding techniques in order to assess the main defects during the welding process and teach the person to take proper action.