Electromig 430 Wave

intelligence and power for maximum quality results

25 September 2019

Electromig 430 Wave is the multiprocess inverter welding machine that combines excellent performance (high power) and advanced technology.


logo_WAVEOSThanks to Wave OS, the welding operations are simplified and can be customised according to operator or processing needs.

The advanced functions are always available from the main menu and the colour graphic display guides the user through intuitive and immediate adjustment.










logo_USBThanks to the USB port, the welding sessions can be recorded to monitor the quality and productivity of the processes.

wdm_pcWDM is a program that allows:
tracing and analysis of the work performed.
- a detailed report of consumption linked to the processes selected to generate a certain production cost.


The intelligence of the Wave OS system accompanies the welding machine even in the most challenging processes to guarantee utmost working quality.

The advanced welding arcs proposed by Electromig 430 Wave resolve every need:

logo_ABPulselogo_ABPoplogo_ATC logo_RootMig 


Ideal for heavy use, it guarantees optimum performance (duty cycle 400A@30%) combined with excellent results on every material.


MULTIPROCESS_4Electromig 430 is a multiprocess inverter welding machine (MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG DC-Lift). It can therefore weld in MMA and in TIG LIFT with the specific accessories, always guaranteeing quality results. Electromig 430 Wave allows you to work on a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium and on galvanised and zinc-plated sheet metal), also in pulsed (steel, aluminium, galvanised and zinc-plated sheet metal) for industrial, ship building site, maintenance interventions, etc.


logo_VRDThe VRD device improves operator safety, reducing the output voltage when not in use. This technology also makes Electromig 430 Wave a valid instrument for operations in particularly humid environments (mines, shipyards, etc.).

Liquid cooled version also available.