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19 May 2016

Flash Start 700 is a 12V battery-less starter with super condenser technology: lightweight and compact, it requires no maintenance and quickly starts motorcycles, cars, vans, small boats thanks to its 700 A peak current.

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  • 12V battery-less starter
  • no maintenance and 700 Peak Amps starter power
  • operates at low temperatures
  • GLOW function to start diesel engines in low temperatures
  • compact and lightweight

Unlike other battery starters, Flash Start 700 requires no maintenance in order to continue operating. The Super Capacitor technology makes it exceptionally high-performing and compact, ideal for all starter situations.

Simply connect it to the car battery, press the ON button, wait for it to charge completely and start the vehicle.



Flash Start 700 is charged directly from the car battery, but not only ...

To make it ready for use, it can be charged using the car cigarette lighter socket or a mini USB port on a power bank or other electronic device. 





Starting guarantees even at very low temperatures (up to -20°C)

Thanks to the "GLOW" function it is possible to start diesel vehicles which prove to be very difficult given their very low batteries and low temperatures.




Flash Start 700 guarantees maximum safety when starting vehicles, thanks to internal protection devices against short-circuits and polarity reversal against the generation of sparks.

Compact and lightweight, it is always on hand when a vehicle needs to be started.