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5 Outubro 2016

Wave OS (Welding Advanced Visual Environment) technology applied to Telwin inverter welders leads to higher levels of welding performances through increased productivity and efficiency, better quality and reduction of welding costs.

The Wave OS system turns welding into a totally unique experience, customised to suit the individual needs of operators.



INTELLIGENCE: a brand new welding concept.
Thanks to Wave OS, the user has complete control over the welding parameters and can tweak them to suit all operational requirements.





INTERACTION: a new way of communicating.
Communication between the operator and Electromig 230 Wave is direct and immediate. It is possible to customise the welding programmes to suit specific requirements in addition to operating with the various memorised programmes. The colour display is a simple and user-friendly interface for all operational situations.



KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the core principle of improvement.
Wave OS is an exceptionally powerful knowledge tool designed to trace, analyse and control production processes far beyond the limits in place up until now.





EFFICIENCY: Responding to every day challenges.
Wave OS is the perfect solution to respond to the everyday demands for competitivity and productivity. Nowadays, quality and repeatability are fundamental and essential requisites. The response to such challenges starts with Wave OS.



Wave OS technology is implemented in the Electromig Wave range: