Один набор для всех нужд!

30 Июнь 2016

Smart Inductor 5000 is "must have" instrument for everyday work in the body shop.

A dent made by hailstones to repair, a rusty bolt to unscrew, a sticker to take off, a gravel-proof coating to remove, a window to replace: Smart Inductor can do all of this and more, in a precise, safe and extremely fast manner.


  • Minimum intervention times
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Intelligent and automatic adjustments
  • Automatic accessory recognition
  • Various configurations for all your needs



Choose the Smart Inductor 5000 kit most suitable for your needs!





For specific applications: TWISTER VERSION, complete with Heat Twister that allows fast intervention to release blocked parts such as bolts, bearings and gears.

  Go to the technical sheet Smart Inductor 5000 Twister



For those who are never happy: VERSIONE CLASSIC, complete with:
- Heat Twister to release blocked or rusty parts;
- Super Remover to remove glass and gravel-proof protection;
- Pad Inductor to remove stickers and roof interiors.
Also facilitates remote operations using the remote control.

  Go to the technical sheet Smart Inductor 5000 Classic 



DELUXE2For those who leave nothing behind: VERSIONE DELUXE, complete with:
- Heat Twister and Metal Releaser to release blocked parts;
- Glass Genius and Super Remover to remove glass;
- Super Remover to remove gravel-proof coatings and protective films;
- Pad Inductor to remove stickers, interior coverings and much more;
- Wonder Pen II to repair small dents and damage caused by hailstones, without paint stripping.

  Go to the technical sheet Smart Inductor 5000 Deluxe