The new battery manager

14 October 2016

It's finally here! The new Doctor Charge 130 enhances the Doctor Charge range which has defined an innovative market concept of battery chargers, the BATTERY MANAGER.
Doctor Charge 130 is a multi-functional electronic device which, other than charging and complete maintenance Pulse Tronic of WET, GEL, AGM,MF, PbCa, EFB  Li and 6/12/24V,, becomes an indispensable tool in workshops, garages and show rooms in all intervention and diagnostics on vehicles (up to 120A current supplied).
Its huge power makes it ideal for new generation vehicles, whose on-board electronics are always more present and increasingly advanced.
Let's not forget that Doctor Charge 130, if necessary, can transform into a starter!


  • PULSE TRONIC charging and automatic maintenance
  • Test function for battery, start-up (CCA) and alternator
  • Regeneration and recovery of sulphated batteries
  • Stable power supply source up to 120A for diagnostic activities, show room and battery changes (safeguarding on-board electronics)
  • Starter





CHARGE: The right energy for every battery.
Automatic current selection, in charging and maintenance, based on the battery capacity







TEST: Solution found, time saved!

Doctor Charge quickly identifies and solves vehicle starting problems

- Alternator test
- Battery self-priming test (CCA)
- Battery charge status test




RECOVERY: new life in old batteries

DESULFATION: pulse process to recover sulphated batteries that enables removal of sulphates from the lead plates thus recovering initial capacity

EQUALIZATION: specific function for periodic maintenance to restore the optimal status of an AGM or WET battery







START: guaranteed start-up
Doctor Charge 130 is also a starter: 180A peak power





SUPPLY: a source of reliable energy

DIAGNOSTIC: stabilised power supply of the vehicle electronics to safeguard the battery during diagnostics 

SHOW ROOM: source of energy to maintain healthy batteries on test-drive vehicles

MEMORY SAVER: maintenance of vehicle electronics in battery changes to avoid various set-up loss




Diagnostic trolley is the new Telwin trolley designed to become a mobile station for workshop diagnostics.
With the trolley, Doctor Charge 130 becomes a powerful work tool, always within hand's reach.
- ample support surface for laptop positioning
- modular fastening under the surface of all the various models in the Doctor Charge range
- compartment for batteries or other materials
Diagnostic Trolley is a precious aid ready for action: when diagnostics call, Diagnostic Trolley is there already!