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Inox weldings cleaning and marking

13 Fevereiro 2017

Innovative system for cleaning TIG and MIG welded parts on stainless steel. With the specific Marking kit, Cleantech 200 becomes a marking tool on stainless steel.


Thanks to the instantaneous electro-chemical reaction, Cleantech 200 restores shine to stainless steel by quickly eliminating the effects of colouration and oxidation formed during the welding process. Two cleaning tools to use with two specific liquids: these are the sets available with Cleantech 200 to guarantee immediate results already on the first pass.



The efficiency of Cleantech 200 action is given by the combination of specific cleaning liquids and dedicated cleaning accessories.

All cleaning and marking liquids are classified as non-hazardous * and therefore safe for the operator as well as being easily portable and storable.
* In accordance with the provisions of (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) Regulation

Fascione immagine_Cleantech_verde



BRUSH IT + BRUSH for delicate cleaning


Fascione immagine_Cleantech_giallo



CLEAN IT + T-CLEAN TOOL for more decisive cleaning


Fascione immagine_Cleantech_blu



With the tailored Marking kit, Cleantech 200 becomes a powerful tool for marking on stainless steel




By selecting the tool to use from the control panel, Cleantech 200 sets the cleaning parameters automatically.




Compact and light, it is easily transported where necessary.

With the America trolley, Cleantech 200 transforms into a mobile cleaning station, always available and accessorised for all your needs