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T-charge 10: extremely compact and intelligent!

T-CHARGE 10 is the new intelligent battery charger/charge maintainer that has been added to the successful range of T-Charge automatic battery chargers by Telwin.

Charges and automatically maintains the battery charge level
LED signals: activation, battery charging and charging ended
Light and extremely compact
Very easy to use
Supplied with crocodile clips for charging and a car cigarette lighter plug
T-CHARGE 10 can charge all types of battery (GEL, AGM, WET, PbCa, START-STOP at 12 V up to 50 Ah) used with lawnmowers, motorbikes, cars, and so on, and it is particularly suitable in winter for keeping an optimal battery charge level. It can remain connected even for long periods without overheating the batteries.

Thanks to the Pulse Tronic technology that automatically controls, interrupts and resets the charge, T-CHARGE 10 is an essential and easy-to-use instrument for battery maintenance.


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